Birkwood Asylum Scotland

History of Birkwood Asylum

Birkwood Asylum dates from the 1860’s and closed in 2002. The most attractive of the buildings and the feature of this report is the old Birkwood House which was constructed in 1819 and was a stately home until the 1860’s when an additional wing was added and the Asylum established. Many additional buildings were added over the years within the grounds which are all now crumbling and falling apart while the old stone built stately home remains!

Supposedly haunted by some doctor who was killed by a patient in one of the pink coloured wards upstairs the site has become a frequently visited location for ‘ghost hunters’ in fact we saw some on our first trip here but thankfully this time we had the place to ourselves.

Update: On Tuesday 21st July 2015 the largest tower which also featured the spiral staircase suffered a significant collapse bringing a large portion of the rest of the building with it. It is thought to have been caused by long-term water damage which weakened the fabric of the building. Neighbours are reported to have heard a loud bang which sounded like an explosion as ton of stone came crashing down. The site has further been fenced off for safety reasons and it is unknown at this stage what impact this will have on the proposed development

Our Visit

As you will quickly notice that there are no internal shots for this one… sadly this one was one of those fails :(. We arrived at silly o’clock just to survey the place and with the intention of practising our night photography… We set up and literally as I was taking my first photo a dim red light appeared from one corner of the building… We were soon greeted by a group of explorers who had been investigating the place hunting for ghosts… they continued to tell us a few storeys about the place while we attempted to continue taking photos… Moments later… HEADLIGHTS!!! some of us bailed into the bushes while some of the other explorers waited it out and spoke with the bloke who told us we weren’t to go inside the building as there were PIR and alarms but we were given permission to finish up our shots for the evening :).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the externals for now and hopefully, I’ll be back for some internals at a later stage :).

** Want to see inside this place? Check out the revisit report from April: Birkwood Asylum**

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AndyK! says:

Stunning building, and some fantastic night shots you got there. Nice work.


I will get inside next time! wanna see what lies within!

eyecandyclick says:

Nice shots and good luck.



Thanks a lot eyecandycrush! hope you had a good weekend 🙂