Great Tew Manor - Main Hall

Great Tew has a history dating back to the 990’s, however, the manor which stands on the property today is a patchwork of various extensions throughout the years. Some of the oldest parts of the manor today are believed to date back to the early 1700’s or shortly before with additions being made up to the 1860’s. It has been home to various Barons, and elites throughout the years but became largely empty I believe in the 1970’s with only a small section currently being occupied. The current owner of the building has restoration plans, however recent news reports suggest works are stalled due to financial reasons and there is no news on when the restoration will continue.

The building itself while very large is quite unassuming from the front and was actually really interesting on the inside with the main hall being exceptionally well preserved with only a little weather damage present. An old site for the Urban Exploring scene and one that I thought had been renovated until it popped back up again in early 2017… Glad to have seen it for myself enjoy the photos:

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