Ford Transit Van Factory

Urbex: Ford Transit Van Factory, Southampton – January 2015

The now abandoned Ford Transit Van Factory near Southampton has some real history to it. The Factory was initially built as a shadow factory in 1939 near to Southampton Airport and was originally used to produce aircraft parts. In particular the factory, during World War II made components for the Supermarine Spitfire and later was used to assemble the aircraft. As a result it was bombed on several occasions by the Nazi Luftwaffe…

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National Gas Turbine Establishment Pyestock Cell 1

Urbex: National Gas Turbine Establishment aka NGTE Pyestock, Fleet – March 2013 (revisit)

Revisit time at Pyestock all the history I could muster up can be found in my first post from January 2013 along with the photos from that trip. Briefly NGTE Pyestock was a Gas Turbine testing centre for all sorts of large engines. The air house housed 8 x 36,000 bhp engines which helped pump air around the site for testing the engines themselves. The site was mainly used for commercial testing however it was utilised by the military for the testing of jet fighter engines and Navy ship engines…

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National Gas Turbine Establishment aka NGTE Pyestock - Sahara Doors in Cell 3

Urbex: National Gas Turbine Establishment aka NGTE Pyestock, Fleet – January 2013

The National Gas Turbine Establishment at Pyestock Fleet was built in 1949 beginning with some small test cubicals inside buildings like the plant house and has since been added to over the years resulting in the huge site that stands there today. For over 50 years Pyestock was at the forefront of gas turbine development but now the site lays empty and derelict…

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George Barnsley and Sons aka Cornish Works - Carpenters Workshop

Urbex: George Barnsley and Sons aka Cornish Works, Sheffield, South Yorkshire – October 2012

History Borrowed from someone else’s urbex site report as I couldn’t find a great deal of info from other sources: George Barnsley was apprenticed into the filemakers trade in 1823 by his mother, Anne, who had been widowed. He was signed in to the apprenticeship – to a Thomas Wing of Sheffield – for seven years and two hundred…

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Holdsworths Mill Mirfield - Weigh Station

Urbex: Holdsworth Mill, Mirfield, Kirklees, Yorkshire – April 2009 (Revisit)

2nd Visit to this place, the first can be found here: Not a great deal of history on this place, this visit was a return to get a few more detail shots with a bit of natural light however the explore wasn’t without a hitch and we had an unexpected early end to the evening. On with…

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