The Horror Labs The Basement of Jars

The famous Horror Labs. They were top of my list of places to see for well over a year or so now and it was my most anticipated location of this trip! Along with the regulars Dystopia, Baron Scotland and Lowri, we were joined by Yann Shee for this little adventure. Once inside we went straight to see the jackpot at this place deep inside the dark basement the shelves full of preserved dead animal body parts. Previous experiments and dissections from the Veterinary university which used to occupy this building. Sadly I heard word recently that the basement has been cleared out and renovation works are under way on this building which surprisingly has been previously left relatively untouched while the rest of the complex was redeveloped.

As well as the gruesome jars in the basement this building has some wonderful internal and external architectural features and the lecture theatre on the top floor was a beauty to photograph. I wish we’d had a little more time here especially since I know its now on its way to be renovated but I am glad I finally got to see it.

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Peter Bakker says:

Hi PM,
I do not have a website, I am not that much of a photographer but I will certainly go back there and make some pictures the best I can. Luckily in these countries nobody gives a sh*t what someone else is doing and even restricted areas can be visited after paying 10 leva (5,- US$) or so.


Hi Peter

Oooo that sounds so very interesting I dont mind paying a little to get into some restricted areas 🙂 if you manage to get any photos feel free to drop me a message on the contact me section of the site found on the left menu, if you leave me your email address you could send me the photos if you dont have a site?

all the best


Peter Bakker says:

Really great gallery, great shots of the lab, I am for work in the Balkan area now and on my trip around to numerous abandoned places I found a similar place with a basement full of dead animals, most not preserved, the stench threw me out, I will return with a gasmask though. As for your gallery, any idea why everything was left behind?


Hi Peter,

I would love to see some photos of this similar basement you have discovered! do you have a website? I can’t believe the horror labs I went to actually didnt smell at all! shocking I expected a horrid odour but nothing. Get your gasmask on and get back for some photos ASAP 🙂

All the best


AndyK! says:

This place was ace, I’d would have loved to have seen it. Nice report, good to see the rest of the building too, not just the jars.


Aye mate you would have loved this one! proper nice place! shame the prize has gone 🙁

Tom says:

Oao, it is very scary… Make me think to the intro of «American Horror Story»…


Cheers Tom 🙂 I love the American Horror Story Series 😀