St Joseph’s Orphanage

I’ve already covered off the history of this place in a previous post here: URBEX: ST JOSEPHS ORPHANAGE, PRESTON, LANCASHIRE – MAY 2013 PART 1, but briefly, St Joseph’s Orphanage located quite literally in the middle of Preston City Center, was originally an Orphanage, established ion 1872. It was later utilised as a nursing home having been extended multiple times over the years with various different building techniques leading to quite a mishmash of a building. Inside the place was always a bit of a maze to navigate and despite thinking I’d covered the majority of the building on the initial trip 5 years prior… when I got wind that someone had discovered a porcelain mortuary slab, I couldn’t resist the urge to pop back for a little revisit to photograph it.

Inside the rest of the place had gone downhill considerably having been targeted by local youths over the interim years, the wheelchairs had been roughed up a bit and all the large tiled walls in the ward and operating theatre areas had been smashed to pieces. quite the contrast to the last trip. Hope you enjoy the photos…

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