St Gerards TB Orthopaedics Hospital – Wheelchair

History of St Gerards TB Orthopaedics Hospital

Not a lot of info on this place… St Gerard’s in Birmingham opened as a TB hospital specialising in orthopaedics as part of the Father Hudson Society Buildings catering to the boys located at the home next door. The Hospital closed in 1998, however, lots of cool stuff were left behind including a lovely fabric wheelchair and a collection of old leg braces.

Our Visit

Met lots of cool new people at this place, visited with Sam ‘The Mule’ but left with about 10-15 other explorers! Top day out! We arrived early and just as we were parking up we spotted a rather large group of people heading in the direction of the buildings we were aiming for, by the time we reached the gates we had to climb over we had caught up with them and established they were here for the same reason we were. We split off at this stage as the rest of the group headed to some larger buildings Mule and myself went straight for this building and managed to bag a few shots before the rest turned up. A delightful place to shoot with lovely light on the day we visited.

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matt says:

Hi, just a question as i’m planning a visit to this place, is there any security?


Part of the site is live and I’ve heard rumours that it may be getting demolished soon

matt says:

thanks for your swift reply, i managed to go yesterday, luckily the main location with the beds was still there but you are right, they are preparing to demolish it, there are diggers on site now 🙁 such a shame as its such a great location


Sorry for the delayed reply been away in Belgium, thanks for the update on the place, was the wheel chair still there?


matt says:

Yeah the wheelchair was still there with a drip next to it, about 5 or 6 beds also, but there were diggers onsite, so won’t be long left