Peartree Manor Spiral Staircase

History of Peartree Manor

Peartree Manor is a large stone built grand building of Gothic design. The property is currently owned and is being renovated by people who reside on the site, however despite the best intentions of the present occupiers the place remains in a state of disrepair. Originally built in the 1800 the property was owned by an eccentric gentleman who had a passion for shooting deer… One morning while our hunter was patrolling the orchards rifle in hand he spotted a young doe a good 100m in the distance… just as the shot was fired, the young deer’s father a full-grown stag with antlers our hunter could only dream of mounting on his wall came rushing towards him!  He jumped out of the way and the stag went full speed into a nearby peartree which proceeded to shed its fruit onto our hunter hitting him on the head killing him dead! And that is the story of Peartree Manor… Enjoy the photos and our deer hunters antique furniture!

Our Visit

Visited this awesome abandoned Manor house with Andyk of Behind Closed Doors Photography and Kriegaffe for an early start to the day… just before the sun started to rise with just enough light to make out the fences and gates we made our way across fields when suddenly we heard a steady thumping noise coming from our left… we looked round and saw a stampede of deer rushing past in front of us in the morning mist… it was pretty cool and I think I saw the stag who killed the original owner ;)! Once inside we soon realised we were not alone… wet footprints and the odd creaking of floorboards lead us upstairs where we were greeted by Matt Adams and Adam X UE… Soon we were blessed with some awesome morning light and we went about our photography before making a swift exit and onto the next spot…

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AndyK! says:

Ace report mate, nice research into the history too, amazing some of the stories you can find when you start digging into the past. Love the second picture.


Aye man the dude that used to own the place was crazy! good job he wasn’t growing coconuts! 🙂 Cheers for showing me this one pal!