1962 Westland Whirlwind HAR.10 C/N WA362 Helicopter

Urbex: Aircraft Graveyard, United Kingdom – May 2013

Latest report is from an abandoned aircraft graveyard somewhere in the united kingdom. There used to be a fair few more planes at this place but they have unfortunately been moved or sold for scrap. Remaining were 3 Planes and 1 Helicopter including a 1962 Westland Whirlwind HAR.10 C/N WA362 and a Avro Shackleton MR.3 which was pretty impressive both internally and externally. We were blessed with rather perfect weather for such an explore and I can safely say it was a successful end to a cracking weekend explore with Dystopia and Lowri.

George Barnsley & Sons Ltd

Urbex: George Barnsley and Sons aka Cornish Works, Sheffield, South Yorkshire – March 2013 (revisit)

My second visit to this place, this time in the company of Pete Costello, Lowri, Sonyes and Darbian (Mule Slept in on this occasion  Lazy bugger!). For history and more photos from the initial visit in October visit the original visit report. Briefly George Barnsley’s began manufacturing files before becoming one of the worlds leading manufacturers of tools for…

CMH aka The Cambridge Military Hospital - Operating Theatre Doors

Urbex: CMH aka The Cambridge Military Hospital, United Kingdom – February 2013

History The Cambridge Military Hospital, built by Messrs Martin Wells and Co. of Aldershot, was located at Stanhope Lines. It was named after Prince George, Duke of Cambridge and opened on 18 July 1879. In the First World War, the Cambridge Hospital was the first base hospital to receive casualties directly from the Western Front.…