Ceulan Mill

Urbex: Ceulan Mill, Wales – May 2016

Ceulan Mills is an old abandoned textile mill in Wales, one of 5 others in the town this was apparently one of the first which generated electricity for some of the houses within the village making it one of the first locally to have power. The Mill is believed to have been built on the in 1850’s and closed in the 1960’s after attempts to diversify and sell directly to the public failed to generate sufficient revenue.

Allinson Mill aka Castleford Stone ground Flour

Urbex: Allinson Mill aka Castleford Stoneground Flour – West Yorkshire – February 2013

A little wiki history Dr Thomas Allinson was born in the Hulme district of Manchester in 1858. He trained as a medical doctor in Edinburgh, graduating in 1879. He founded the first Allinson mill in 1892 in Bethnal Green as Dr Allinson’s Natural Food Company. It was the first to produce wholemeal/wholegrain flour. His slogan was Health without Medicine. Allinson was viewed as an eccentric because of…