Robert Fletchers & Sons Ltd Paper Mill - Paper rolling machine

Robert Fletchers & Sons Ltd Paper Mill, Greenfield, Oldham – January 2015 (Part 2 of 2)

As you progress through the factory you can see the process lin taking shape from the wood pulp coming in through the processing stages, bleaching and pressing and then eventually making it was to the more modern looking machinery for precision rolling, cutting and packaging before the huge roles of cigarette papers would leave the warehouse

Robert Fletchers & Sons Ltd Paper Mill - Pipes!

Robert Fletchers & Sons Ltd Paper Mill, Greenfield, Oldham – January 2015 (Part 1 of 2)

Robert Fletchers & Sons Ltd was a paper mill which specialised in the production of cigarette papers which were exported worldwide. The old factory and most of the contents now lay abandoned most of the equipment looks as if the workers just vanished with huge rolls of cigarette papers still hanging on rolls in the production process machines!

National Gas Turbine Establishment Pyestock Cell 1

Urbex: National Gas Turbine Establishment aka NGTE Pyestock, Fleet – March 2013 (revisit)

Revisit time at Pyestock all the history I could muster up can be found in my first post from January 2013 along with the photos from that trip. Briefly NGTE Pyestock was a Gas Turbine testing centre for all sorts of large engines. The air house housed 8 x 36,000 bhp engines which helped pump air around the site for testing the engines themselves. The site was mainly used for commercial testing however it was utilised by the military for the testing of jet fighter engines and Navy ship engines…