Sorry I do not discuss locations or access details in the comments sections of the site. Generally speaking I dont discuss these sort of things with people who I do not know. No offence but you could be anyone with any number of intentions.

No not at all, that my friend is a criminal offence! We only ever enter through existing entry points. If we cant find one we move on.

Yes, a couple of times. Again the outcome to these situations can vary dramatically. Thankfully in my personal experience the Police officers I have met with have been sensible and understanding once I have had the opportunity to explain what I was doing. I have however heard all sorts of stories from close friends about meeting officers who were a lot less sympathetic and in some cases they found themselves at the local police stations for a lengthy chat… My best advice is know your rights, be polite and don’t antagonise the situation if you find yourself face to face with the law.

There are a number of reasons, mainly pure fascination. I get to see the inside of places that most people will never get to see and the normally off limit areas within society. I also like to document the places I visit, I enjoy reading their history, seeing original photographs and videos from when they are open and more recently speaking with ex-employees or residents. I also like photography and there is something about the subject matter of abandoned and derelict places that I have always found visually appealing.

There is only one of me, thankfully 🙂 I explore with lots of different people some great explorers and all sort of other great photographers… all will be named where possible in the site reports but all the photographs on this website are taken solely by one Person Proj3ct M4yh3m (unless otherwise stated).

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